Resolve, Not Resolutions

by Pamela Miles (reprinted with permission) We’ve hit that point in January by which people who weren’t going to keep their resolutions have already broken them. RESOLVE, NOT RESOLUTIONS Having never made a New Year’s resolution, I don’t know how it feels to break one, but I’m guessing it might downgrade one’s self-esteem a notch. […]

Mantras – Chant for change – Chant and change!

‘Speech is the essence of humanity’- so say the Vedas, an ancient Sanskrit know-how on metaphysics. Ideas remain unactualised until they are created through the power of speech. In the New Testament, the Gospel of St. John starts with ‘In the beginning was The Word. And the Word was with God and the Word was […]

Get Unstuck

Do you know what you want, even know how you can get it, but can’t seem to get on with it? If you answered “yes” then you may need a coach. Coaching is a relatively new profession – it has been around since the 70’s – and is only now gaining recognition as it has […]

Take a Time Out…

As solo-entrepreneurs we often find ourselves facing the dilemma of ‘so much to do and so little time’. Occasionally, it can become overwhelming or worst, it can create paralysis. It is then that we need to take a time-out. A time-out need not be long, it can be half an hour to an hour in […]

Just A Thought …

Fear like pain is a wonderful gift and guide. They provide us with an opportunity to build our strength and learn to ask the right questions. So what is the right question when we are fearful? Simply, why am I afraid of this? What information do I need to help me overcome this fear? Often […]