Barbados Reiki Association – Types of Membership

Membership of the Barbados Reiki Association

There are three types of membership, viz Private Practitioner, Professional Practitioner and Master Teacher.  Criteria for membership are given under each category and copies of appropriate certificates should be included with the Application Form. Please note that minimum requirements for each membership category are highlighted.

PRIVATE PRACTITIONER (treats self, friends, family, demonstrations)


  • Must hold minimum Reiki I
  • Must sign BRA Code of Ethics
  • Provide statement of lineage back to Mikao Usui
  • Need not necessarily be practising


  • Voting Member
  • May attend all meetings of the BRA

PROFESSIONAL PRACTITIONER (treats clients professionally for a fee)                                   


  • Must be minimum of 12 months since Reiki I
  • Provide copy of lineage back to Mikao Usui
  • Must hold minimum Reiki II
  • Must sign Code of Ethics
  • Must sign Code of Practice

Benefits:  As for Private Practitioners plus

  • Inclusion on practitioner listings (main listing held on the BRA website)
  • Voting Member
  • Able to use the phrase “Member of the Barbados Reiki Association” on stationery

MASTER TEACHER (qualified to teach, initiate or attune to Reiki)

Requirements:  As for Professional Practitioner Member, plus

  • Holds Master Teacher Certificate which clearly states that the individual is qualified to Master Teacher level i.e. is qualified to teach or initiate or attune to Reiki

Benefits: As for Professional Practitioner